Alaska Aircraft Products, LLC

Hot Rod MufflerAlaska Aircraft Products, LLC was incorporated in 2007 as an outlet for aircraft products and modifications.

Hot Rod muffler was conceived and developed by Butch Cavanaugh, Steve Kracke, and F. Atlee Dodge Aircraft Services.

The “Hot Rod” has full STC approval with the FAA and is limited to aircraft that were originally delivered with Lycoming 0-320-150 hp engines or have been modified by installation of a Lycoming 0-320-150 hp or 160 hp engine or Lycoming 0-360-180 hp engine in accordance with FAA approved data.

At present, the “Hot Rod” is used on Piper PA-18 series and PA-19 series aircraft. More detailed information regarding the “Hot Rod” is available upon request.

Many owners have found that the muffler improves engine performance. With the increased demand for the muffler, Alaska Aircraft Products became the production arm of Performance Air. Currently the “Hot Rod” is being built, marketed and sold through F. Atlee Dodge Aircraft Services in Anchorage, Alaska.

Look for new modifications and applications coming soon.